The vision of ACCi is to bring value to your organization by improving your workplace environment, creating lasting results, and establishing a long-term relationship. Our custom building company in Columbus, Ohio, has spent many years providing impressive custom building design services to our clients and looks forward to many more years of leaving our clients 100% satisfied.

Dedication & Collaboration

The team at our custom building company is dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled quality and service. Our goal is to make your project an experience that you will want to repeat whenever you are looking to upgrade more spaces.

The key to creating this atmosphere of respect and loyalty is through successful collaboration. Our team of professionals works in collaboration with your company to assist in all of your project’s needs. With our full design library and large conference room at your disposal, we are able to see that your project is a complete success.

Acci Office Building

Meet the Team

Steve Southard CEO

Steve Southard


Denny Southard Director, Senior Project Manager

Denny Southard

Director, Senior Project Manager

Tim Kenimer Operations, Project Support

Tim Kenimer

Project Manager

Kurt Stroyer

Director of Operations

Tye Southard

Operation Support

Carly Southard

Designer, Operation Support

Paul Wootten

On-Site Project Manager

Jerry Southard Director, Senior Project Estimator

Jerry Southard

Director, Senior Project Estimator

Brad Southard Director, Business Development

Brad Southard

Director, Business Development

Cari Hess Directors Assistant

Cari Hess

Directors Assistant

Manuel Cendejas Project Specialist

Manuel Cendejas

Project Specialist

Samuel Wootten

Project Manager

Tristan Southard

Project Support

Phillip Wootten

On-Site Project Manager

Contact us to learn more about our team and their commitment to your complete satisfaction. Our custom building company is proud to provide services to clients located throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, area.